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What to expect at your IPL consultation

We want to ensure that your IPL treatment is as comfortable as possible. To do this before the treatment begins we provide a free patch test and consultation between yourself and one of our expert technicians.

This begins with paperwork, page one and two to be completed by the client prior to the consultation and the remainder by the technician as the consultation questions are answered. A more in depth explanation of the IPL hair removal process ensures you perfectly understand what to expect. Once you have had all your questions satisfactorily answered, our highly experienced technicians will apply a skin test to your inner wrist. This area is ideal as, generally, it doesn’t have hair and is sensitive - we are carrying out a skin test to make sure there is no adverse reaction.

If no symptoms of irritation or reaction occur during a 48 hour time frame, we will proceed with your first IPL hair removal session.

This consultation and patch test are all provided free of charge by us. It is offered because we are certain you will be assured of our professionalism and empathy in making sure that our hair removal treatment is right for you.

During the consultation session one of our skilled technicians will rank your skin type according to the Fitzpatrick scale. This scale is how the colour of the skin is classified and gives us a clear indication of what level the machine should be set at to treat you accurately. Tanned skin can not be treated, the ideal length for hair is 1-2mm and this needs to be shaved.

To further ensure your safety, the process begins at a very low level and, with input from the client, the levels are gradually increased.

We do all this to reassure you that our IPL hair removal is not painful and that you are totally happy to proceed.

If you want to experience our IPL hair removal treatment for yourself, book a consultation today.

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