IPL Treatment

IPL Hair Reduction Treatment in Norwich and Ipswich

The pain free way to remove unwanted hair

From a subtle shadow to a more developed problem, unwanted facial and body hair can be an issue for women and men of all ages. Even the smallest area can play on your mind and make you self-conscious. But now you can get your confidence back!

  • Discreet and professional
  • Experienced staff
  • Pain free hair reduction full body areas
  • Tailored to suit your specific skin type
  • Healthcare Commission Approved

The Zap Experience offer you a thorough initial consultation and patch test which is free of charge to determine the level of treatments. A course of 10 to 12 treatments is usually required with the procedure suitable for men and women on all areas of the body.

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What is Intense Pulse Light hair removal?

Well for one thing IPL doesn’t involve lasers, although many people assume IPL hair removal involves lasers it really isn’t that dangerous. Instead it involves applying harmless beams of light to the surface of the skin. We use these beams of light to quickly target the bulbs of the hair follicles and break down the melanin within.

Melanin is what gives your skin and hair its pigmentation. When IPL hair removal targets this it stops the hair from producing excess amounts of melanin.

At the same time as this IPL hair removal methods also heat the rest of the hair strand too, and break down the active hairs. In reality this doesn’t actually remove the hair. What it does instead is reduce the amount of active hairs and discolour them.

This makes our IPL hair removal a simpler and safer method to tackling your unwanted hair.


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